4th Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt 2011
PSYCHO – Wa(h)re Musik
The 4th Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt 2011will take place in Halle (Saale) beginning on October 27, 2011. This year’s theme: PSYCHO – Wa(h)re Musik (Investigations to the artistic acceptance of filmmusic or is filmmusic just a delivering of a product?)   
“Ruf in Halle makes film music history“
(MDR Figaro)                                                                       
“Great cinema – in major and minor!“
(Association for Economic Development of the city of Halle/Saale)


Within the last three years, the Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt has grown into an established and highly-regarded event, and has been covered thoroughly by the press. A full agenda of first class speakers and artists have confirmed their participation in this year’s event.

The 4th Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt runs from October 27th until October 29th, 2011 in Halle (Saale) and is themed, “Psycho –Wa(h)re Musik” (Investigations to the artistic acceptance of filmmusic or is filmmusic just a delivering of a product?). The convention deals with the connection between psychology and music, as well as between psychology and the salability of music.

Among the prominent speakers will be director and producer, Sönke Wortmann (KLEINE HAIE, 1992; DAS WUNDER VON BERN, 2003;  DEUTSCHLAND EIN SOMMERMÄRCHEN, 2006;  DIE PÄPSTIN, 2008 etc.) director, Wolfgang Becker (DAS LEBEN IST EINE BAUSTELLE, 1997; Good BYE LENIN!, 2003; BALLERO, 2005 etc.),  renowned scientists such as Prof. Dr. Claudia Bullerjahn (expert in music in media and computer games), Prof. Dr. Alexander Carôt (music scientist in the field of Virtual Music, et al.) and Julia Heimerdinger (specialist in new music in feature films).

At the public gala concert on October 29th, 2011 the Halle Opera State Orchestra conducted by Grammy-nominated, Bernd Ruf will perform film music by Charlie Chaplin, Bernard Herrmann, Augustin Lara, Vijay Patil, Niki Reiser, Nino Rota and other world class composers. This year’s solo artist for the Film Music Days will be the celebrated Portuguese singer, Mísia, who brought Fado, Portugal’s music onto stages all over the world. Her solo performance at the 4th Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt will embrace the theme: Påixao – Passion.

The hosts, organizers, participants, partners and supporters are happy to welcome you to the Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum in Halle (Saale) and the Halle Opera.
The State Saxony-Anhalt hosts the 4th Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt 2011 in cooperation with the International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. under the patronage of State Minister, Rainer Robra.